Monday, 22 August 2016


The general response whenever I say I study Chemistry at university is along the lines of ‘ooh, it must be so hard’ or ‘wow, you must be very clever’ and sometimes ‘you don’t look like someone who does science’. If you even tell me that last one, I’ll get very offended and probably start being rude to you. Yes, I can do my make up and yes, I like fashion. But that doesn’t mean I can’t study science. Anyway, there’s this perception of science being very hard which is by all means not true. 

I am about to go into my fourth year of university, meaning that I have been studying chemistry for three years. So, I’ve gathered a thing of two that I think makes studying science more bearable than other subjects and shows that it is actually not THAT hard.


This obviously depends on the university you attend. In my experience, though, I have found I have much less projects that some of my friends doing other degrees like Marketing or Journalism. I do of course have a few reports to write every term but other than that, no more deadlines. 

The lack of projects is mainly due to my busy schedule, we can easily spend from 9AM until 6PM in lectures and labs so it’s not like they leave us a lot of free time to write. But I do prefer it that way as at least I get to be with friends instead of sitting in the library typing away on my laptop. 


I do spend a ridiculous amount of time in labs, last year it was about 20hours a week so it is an important part of your degree and it obviously counts towards your final grade. The good thing about it is that it is relatively easy to get a good grade on your lab work since there are plenty of people around you to help you if you need it (it is also very easy to cheat but that’s not the way to do it…). Some of the experiments are also quite cool and you feel like you’re in some kind of American movie using that dry ice, which turns out is heavier and colder than I thought. 


This depends on whether a certain topic interests you and obviously many of the lectures are rather boring. But learning some techniques used to cure cancer, the chemistry behind MRI scans or how our DNA works is pretty cool. Also, let’s not forget the highlight of my whole degree: the day I learnt about the polymers that are used to make candles. 


This is only if you do sciences like chemistry being able to make drugs is quite cool, imagine being able to walk into a room being like ‘Hey, my name is Ariadna and I know how to synthesise cocaine’, now that’s an icebreaker. BUT DON’T DO DRUGS kids, it will kill ya.

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Saturday, 20 August 2016


It’s that time again, the time I share with you all what I have been loving recently. These are some of my favourite kind of posts as I have discovered so many amazing products by reading other people’s posts. 

There aren’t any beauty items this time as, since coming back home, I have barely used any make up and my skincare routine consists of using my holy grail moisturiser and that’s about it. But I do have a few fashion favourites amongst other similarly cool stuff.


Off the shoulder tops - It is an OBSESSION. I personally love these two striped one because as much as I might be obsessed with this kind of tops I am also obsessed with stripes. The navy one is from Brandy Melville and the white one from Zara. The latter one is also one of the comfiest tops I own which is a plus, and looks divine with my *somewhat* tan skin. 

Denim shorts - If during winter the only colours I wear is black, white take its spot in summer. 90% of my tops are white - and the other 10% are black, because some habits never die. And because I can't wear all white all die I usually pair all of my white tops with some high waisted denim shorts.

Platform Sandals - I am not exactly tall - a nicer way to say I am rather short - so any shoes that add some height are my dream. However, wearing heels or wedges everyday is not my idea of fun so these platform sandals are my saviour. They are super trendy now so you’ll find them anywhere, this silver ones are from Stradivarius and the black ones from Bimba y Lola. 


The Catch - I talked about this TV show on my ‘Best Shows to Binge Watch’ post. I recently discovered it and watched an entire season in a week.

Watermelon - It is hands down my favourite fruit ever and I can never get enough, one of the main reasons I love summer so much. 

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016


About a month ago the world went cray cray over a new app - Pokemon Go. You’ve literally been living under a rock if you don’t know what it is or know someone who plays it. To summarise, it’s a game where you have to physically move around your city or wherever you are to try and catch them all (Pokemons, that is). You get to collect these little animals and evolve them to make them strong and win battles at the Pokegyms. 

I’ve never been one to play games on my phone but I did get proper obsessed with this app and, together with my sister, went on more than one pokemon hunt around my town only to realise there was nothing else other than annoying Zubats and Ratattas. I swear if I see one more I’m going to loose it. 

Even though being that absorbed into a game is not healthy and it would probably better to put our phones down and go our and breathe some fresh air, it has had some positive impact on my life - or as much of a positive impact as a virtual reality can have. 


During winter I am quite an active person. However, come summer and I barely move. The heat kills me and only walking from my room to the kitchen makes me sweat, so the mere thought of going out to run makes me hyperventilate. But because the only way to catch pokemons is by leaving the house and exploring the surroundings, it's made me go out and do something other than watch TV with the AC on. 


I have genuinely bonded with some people over Pokemon Go. It gives you a common ground and something to talk and ‘fangirl’, if you will, about. It’s also made me spend more time with my sister as we were both equally addicted to the game. I've also spent more time looking at my phone instead of maybe talking to people, but that's not the point of this post... 


Not gonna lie, I used to be more of a Digimon girl growing up but I did watch Pokemon too. Playing the game made me reminisce about the past and brought back some good memories I had forgotten about. It has also kind of made me want to watch the series again but I feel like that would be going a bit too far, so I'll resist the temptation. #Pray4Ariadna


Since the Pokestops are meant to represent meaningful spots in a city or town, stopping at each and every one of them has made me learn about some landmarks and important things I didn’t know about. It has also made me pay more attention to my surroundings and even explore areas I hadn't been in before. 

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Saturday, 13 August 2016


I’ll be the first one to admit I use to be a sucker for hyped up products. I would watch 10 videos of 10 different youtubers talking about a lipstick and I would die to get it, they loved it so much I HAD to have it. A few impulse buys and too much money later, I realised that many hyped up products are just pretty or by a renowned brand, but the product itself is not that great at all. 

However, some go these hyped up products are pretty amazing and I am glad I decided to try them out as I’m still using them a few years later. 

Today I’ll share with you some of those products, the ones I regretted buying almost instantly and the ones I fell in love with.



Who remembers when Baby Lips was all the rage on YouTube and people would literally  have them in every single colour/flavour. I ended up getting three different ones, all of which I gave to my sister after a while because I hated them. They are not moisturising at all and even though it does give a nice touch of colour, it’s not long-lasting whatsoever. So all in all, not a very great product.


I got it as a present with my They’Re Real Mascara and even though I did use it all, I would never buy it. It’s meant to be very easy to use but I personally found it much harder than a normal liquid liner. Also, it was ridiculously hard to remove unless you used Benefit’s make up remover which is way overpriced and I wasn’t willing to spend the money on it. Once it was on, it did look great but not much better than my regular liquid liners.


This is not a terrible product and I do use it almost everyday but I don’t think it’s as great as a I was expecting it to be, based on all the wonderful review I had read/heard. I have to say they do smell pretty good and the packaging is so cute, but in terms of how moisturising it is I would say it’s just average.



Who remembers when literally every single Youtuber was raving about this? I do, and this is why I decided to get it… over four years ago. Now, I still use it every single time I do my make up and it does its job to perfection - no caking an it feels light on the skin. I cannot recommend it enough and  I don’t even know how many of them I’ve been through.


It took me a while to get this one as I was a bit skeptical and the price didn’t exactly help. At £23 per tube, it’s rather pricey for a mascara but it’s 100% worth it. If you’re anything like me na have rater short eyelashes, this is your product. It lengthens them and makes them a bit thicker but it doesn’t clump them, which is great. It also stays on forever unless you use make up remover and even then it’s not an easy job, which is the only downside of this product.


About a year ago I got my first ever Naked Palette and, despite it’s not so cheap price tag, it’s the product I use the most. I use it to highlight my brow bone, to fill in my eyebrows, as an eyeliner and as normal eyeshadow. So, the price is definitely worth it and you get what you pay for! 

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